Economic Collision

The universal American experience is being in a car crash. I have been in several and there are few adults I know that haven’t been involved in at least one. We all have cars or know people who have cars and we all have had the misfortune of being at the wrong place at the wrong time.
There is a moment during an accident that you realize what is about to happen. You may have been doing everything right, obeying the speed limit, following the traffic signs, using your blinkers and checking your mirrors or you may have been recklessly swerving though traffic, going way to fast and drinking tequila; at that moment none of that matters.
All that matters at that moment is the fact that you are about to go through something extremely unpleasant and at the same time completely unavoidable.

There is an eternity of time during that moment for you to think about all the consequences of what is about to transpire.

You worry for your safety, hopefully you have your seatbelt on, and the safety of your passengers, You are surrounded by friends and family, people whose lives are as precious to you as your own.

You know, at that moment, that things are about to change for the worse. Even the best of outcomes are likely to be painful and the worst outcomes are unthinkable. At that moment you don’t know how dire the outcome will be you only know that it is coming and there is nothing you can do about it.

That is how I feel right now, but instead of a car accident I am watching myself slide out of control in this economy.

We have been screeching to a stop, everyone bracing for impact for so long now that it almost seems ridiculous. The impact is as inevitable as a car crash, and I am at that place where I am wondering, how am I going to walk away from this and how badly is this going to hurt?

Most of all I am scared for my passengers. My family and friends, are they going to make it? How will they fare in this oncoming tragedy.

All we have to look forward to is the cacophony of destruction. The crunching of metal, the screeching of tires, the screams of the scared and injured.

How bad is it going to be?

No one knows. I feel like the cautious driver, the one who had done everything right, everything by the book and still looks up at the oncoming tractor truck barreling through the red light.

What else could I do. What could I have done different or better?

Nothing, and now I must prepare to suffer the consequences of leaving my house, at that particular moment in time that brought me to this place.

I hope that I am wrong, that we will swerve and avoid the collision. Avoid all the suffering that looms before us, but hope is just that, a vain wish in the face of adversity. I cling to it like a steering wheel, closing my eyes and waiting for impact.

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  1. Great analogy. I feel like i have been holding my breath for 6 months now with a year and half left to go. 2011 is when I have to refinance my house. Sometimes I just want to pack up and find a prized spot in a tent city now before they get too crowded.

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