April 3rd PAD Entry

Prompt: The Problem with ??????


The problem with dirt isn’t that it is dirty.

The problem is that it is in my blood.

It percolates through my clayey veins

And pounds through my stoney heart.

I was born to it and formed from it.

Ashes to Ashes, Dirt to Dirt

I was born on a bulldozer.

Weaned on diesel fuel and grease.

I am a miner, a mucker, a mean motherfucker

I do it, I move it, I make it happen.

In my dreams I moved mountains.

In my life, mountains moved me.

The problem with dirt is that it is in me.

And there is no way to leach it out.

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  1. this is good

  2. I can buy the miner and mucker part. But not the mean mother f#*%er. Unless your refering to your pen, then I agree… MEAN!!

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