April 4th PAD Entry

Prompt: Animal


Where is my kitty coyote?

Where is my dog?

Where have the geese gone?

Up through the smog.

Crossing the traffic.

Walking the street.

Jumping the fences.

Searching for meat.

You found the city.

And made it your home.

Through parks and green space.

You endlessly roam.

Do you miss the desert, coyote?

Where food is so fast.

Water is scarce

Rain never lasts.

Or are you content here?

Eating garbage and rats.

I’m unsure of the answer.

But you’re getting fat.

Sing me your song, coyote.

I’ve known it so long.

Way out in the desert.

Now closer to home.

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  1. Don’t you miss the Coyote song in the country? I’m not sure if you were writing about the coyote, or yourself… I can relate!

    Your poetry inspires a lot of feelings. Take us into those deep waters!

  2. That is a great comment Randy. I feel alot like the coyote.
    I am making a good living in the city but is it where I really belong.
    I am a desert creature, pure and simple, it’s just so much easier to live here.
    Thanks for the great comments. I love the feedback!

  3. Your grandfather loves this poem, is it that wild free howling in the desert wind

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