April 5th PAD Entry

Prompt: Landmark

Nelson’s Column.

I have sat in the lion’s lap.

Hopped up on the statue, to take a picture.

One lion, my lion, maybe yours too, if you ever claimed one.

I did. I was 18 and in London for the first time.

I took a picture.

I came back again, with some friends, and took another.

I returned again, years older and years wiser, and climbed up on my lion.

I brought my wife, all newlywed and honeymooned.

We took a picture.

I showed my pictures to my children.

Told them that it was their lion too.

One day we will take a picture.



  1. what a keeper so special a love note a memory a story a sharing a re read over and over

  2. here we are re reading………… pops loves this poem…………nan loves this poem!!!!!!!

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