April 6th PAD Entry

Prompt: Something Missing

Training Wheels

She giggled as she peddled.

Her unsteady wiggle bringing her this way and that.

How much farther before her father let go?

The bike, once so unsteady now zoomed along.

In a straight line down the road.

I was free and it was fast.

There was no more grinding of plastic wheels on asphalt.

Only the smooth hum of rubber and a road.

How much faster should she go before her father let go?

She wasn’t scared, she wasn’t frightened.

She was ready to do it on her own.

She looked back to tell her Daddy

He was too far away for telling

She could see him smiling.

When had her father let go?

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  1. Great perspective! It brought me back to teaching my kids to ride a bike… one of my favorite memories, and I never really thought about how it must have felt for the kids looking back and realizing that I had let go. Nice work!

  2. It is funny to me that when I wrote poems in my twenties they were all about love and torment.
    Now that I am older and writing again, it’s all about my kids.
    Somehow the joy of watching my daughter peddle away from me is stronger than the angst and despair I felt getting my heart broken.
    I like these ones better than those ones. Except for the ones I wrote when I met Deana, those are some of my best. So I guess I am the rare poet that writes better happy? Go figure.

  3. I can’t get mine on her bike with training wheels. Way to go dad!

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