April 7th PAD Entry

Prompt: Clean


Start with my toes, I have dirty toes. Boy toes, barefoot toes.

In the tub there’s a rag, a sponge, a poofy piece of plastic.

I use them all. And soap, lots of soap.

Too much soap, the water is all slippery and my butt keeps sliding

down the tub when I lift my toes out of the water to examine my work.

And my knees, dirty, dirty, knees, there are scabs there, carefully cleaning them too.

My elbows, like my knees have pieces of dirt stuck in them.

Planted there during one fall or another. I clean them too.

My scabs have turned from black and red to yellow and white I can clean the edges

Peeling away the dead skin until the scab starts to come lose.

Don’t want that, keep cleaning, my hands instead.

Just as bad as my toes, maybe worse, there are stains on my hands.

Stains that won’t come off easy, like grease, or paint, or glue.

It takes a lot of work, I use all the tools at my disposal, but they are clean.

And red, I wonder how much skin I have left on them.

My body, is dusty, dirty, easy to wipe off. It takes no time at all.

The tub is filthy, all my dirt is now in it, the water is black and brown.

I am done, I stand up and the dirty water falls off me,

I stand clean with bits of soapy bubbles

Popping on my shoulders, an applause for my labors.

I am shiny, smooth and spotless.

I dry off with a big towel, bigger than me,

It covers me completely, fresh from the dryer, it warms my skin.

I present myself to her for judgment. She is impressed I can see it in her eyes.

They are proud and happy, almost laughing.

Then she is laughing.

Going back, to wash my hair.

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  1. This one is my favorite!! Every mother with a son knows this and love this.

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