PAD Challenge Thoughts

I would like to appologize to everyone for not posting anything but the poem a day challenge poems. I wanted this blog to be about writing, not a poetry book.

I am enjoying the challenge, it’s fun to get a prompt and crank out a quick poem about it. I am flattered by your comments. The fun thing about poetry is that it is a very personal expression, that if written well, evokes very personal feelings in the reader. To me it is an attempt to connect us together in our universal human experience. When it works, we are moved, we love it. When it doesn’t work it seems like egocentric drivel.

I have been reading the other poem a day posts ( click on the comments to see the posts.) Some are amazing works, there are some amazing writers out there, but most just seem like self gratuitous words piled on themselves, it is boring and tedious to read.

I know I am not the greatest poet. I am not here to bore you. It is fun for me to write poetry, and hopefully fun for someone to read but my goal is to write and publish a novel. I want to be a novelist not a poet. Anyone can be a poet, not everyone can write a novel.

So I promise that I will be posting up some “On Topic” posts soon along with the 21 remaining poems of the challenge.



  1. It is working. every poem you have posted has moved me and I love them. I share them with others who do not have access, by reading over the phone to them. They like myself will miss todays poem. I love how you write whether it is a poem, short story or novel.

  2. Don’t apologize. Write. Whether peoms or novels.. It doesn’t matter. What matters is that you do it.

    I have enjoyed seeing and reading these. I relate to them myself. And I see you.. as you were.. and as you are now. It warms me. Thanks!

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