April 11th PAD Entry

Prompt: An Object

It is a golden band

On the top there is a Square and Compass set in blue

On the sides there are working tools and acacia

Ancient symbols; their meanings have been explained to me three times

I have explained them to other men too many times to count

I have placed this ring on the heads of men and prayed with them

I have placed this ring on the hands of men and made them my Brothers.

I have wrapped this ring around a gavel and called a craft to order.

I wear the ring, to remind me of my obligations.

Engraved inside the ring are initials,

 Only visible when I take it off, a secret, within a secret

The initials, they are not mine.

They belong to my Grandfather, but the ring does not.

Nor does the ring belong to me.

It belongs to my son, when he is old enough.

And to his son or grandson, and down the line it will pass.

A golden band, a reminder, a link in an eternal chain

So that while I wear it I must ensure that my actions

Are not only worthy of the man I received it from,

But to the men I will be giving it to.

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