April 12th PAD Entry

Prompt: So we decided….

So we decided to put the children to bed.

So we could spend some time together

To talk of our days

To watch Letterman or Lino

Be adults for a while.

It was late, far too late for little feet running

Too late for giggles and secrets

We bathed them and bundled them up

In pajamas and blankets

We cautioned against bedbugs

told them to sleep tight

We read books and told stories

We turned on night lights

Checked closets and underneath beds

We tucked in the bottoms and loosened the tops

We kissed lips and foreheads and hair

We watched them drift off

Heavy eyes start to close

Then exhausted we collapsed in our bed at last

We were too tired to talk or to watch TV

Too tired to enjoy each other’s company

But we fell asleep smiling and closer than ever

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  1. Okay I know I was reaching on this one but it is a poem a day challenge. I have to crank them out, for better or for worse.

    I was tempted to rewrite it before posting it up here but somehow that seems like cheating to me.

    I still think there is the essence of a good poem here just not in this form.

  2. Still good not matter what you decided!!

  3. Ohh so glad you’re a writer not a editor, I love this!! Someone better take your red pin away !!

  4. Oops perhaps leave a comment can create a monster….

    you can keep your red pin, really, but love this poem!

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