April 13th PAD Entry

Prompt: Hobby

My hobby
I started with small animals when I was young
I wanted to see what made them work
So I took a knife and cut them apart
I started by flaying them
Peeling off the skin to see the muscles underneath
Then I sliced them down the middle and pulled their entrails out
I read the future in the messy results
I would do this again
It took a long time to get a larger animal
More complex animals took a lot of work
But I did what I had to do to get them
I put them up on my altar and sacrificed them
For knowledge and for pleasure.
It thrilled my mind like no other thing
I was obsessed, I could not stop
It was all that I could think about
It was everything I wanted
I loved slicing down to the bone
To see where the ligaments attached
I took notes and made drawings with my bloody hands
I remember clearly the first woman
I remember looking into her cold dead eyes and thanking her for her gift
Such a precious gift to me,
I worked on her for a long time
When I was done with her there was no organ I had not touched
No muscle, no tissue that I did not know
It was wonderful
Now it is over
All the years of cutting and pinning
The examining and questing for knowledge
Now they call me doctor
I am here to save your life.

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  1. This one goes out to my old friend Ed.
    We used to read poetry at an open mic together.
    He always tried to write grisly poems that may or may not have come from the mind of a serial killer.
    One night I wrote a poem to top his and read it at the open mic.
    He told me it was the scariest poem he had ever heard.
    That was high praise coming from him.
    I think he would like this one.
    So here is to you my coniving evil adviser (who waits patiently for my downfall)

  2. I would love to read the one that scared him. Are doctors to serial killers like love is to hate???

  3. You really don’t want to read the one that scared him.
    It scared me.
    The people at the bar looked at me differently the rest of the night.
    I went a little over the top.
    Besides, I doused the paper in blessed lighter fluid and torched it less anyone ever read it without my explaining it first.
    Some windows into your soul you want to keep firmly closed.
    I nailed this one shut.

  4. hmm yup Doctor grave robbers ya do what ya have to do to be in business sometimes where is the line
    society rules

  5. hmm yup Doctor grave robbers ya do what ya have to do to be in business sometimes where is the line
    society rules

    hmm yup windows to souls closed
    doors to skeltons locked
    behind closed doors

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