April 14th PAD Entry

Prompt: Love

The doctor was there

In the room doing his work

I didn’t notice him

Or the nurse or anyone else

There were only two people

In the room at that moment

One was my wife, sweaty and exhausted

Her smile shining through despite her exertions

The other was my son

Red and squalling at the bright cold new world

I had cut the cord

Severed one tie

While two new ones were formed

I thought that I had known love

First kisses and midnight trists

In poems and confessions

In caring parents and family

In close friends and companions

In ceremonies and weddings

I was wrong.

This new person was here to prove that.

I looked at my wife and the miracle we now shared

His little hand wrapped tightly around my finger

He stopped crying

This is love, my heart sang.

They cleaned him and wrapped him

And carried him to her.

She held him and looked at me.

I put my arms around them

This is love, my heart sang

There is no moment that can equal

The arrival of a child

There is no love stronger

Years later in a different room

My daughter arrived

Shinning and new

Bright blue eyes stared into mine

This is love, my heart sang

Now they giggle and play

We watch them baffled by emotion

We look into each other’s eyes

This is love, our hearts sing.

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  1. wow!!

  2. Re: Love

    The poem love is so beautiful,
    a child is born
    hearts sing
    thanks to the author for putting such thoughts and love in words !!!!!

  3. That’s how lucky I was 4 times over
    feelings of awesome love
    great to have someone put feelings so well

  4. Pretty Poem

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