April 15th PAD Entry

Prompt: Take the name of a poem you like and change it, then write a poem with the new title.

The Shooting Of Dan’s Left Shoe
(The Shooting of Dan McGrew, Robert Service)
Dan’s left shoe was shot one day
While Dan was out a hunting
I heard his partner Johnny say
That it was really something
They were after chukar in the rock
And climbing up a mountain
And Dan heard a chukar squawk
Below him where a spring did fountain
Now Dan was always quick to draw
Never careful with his aim
And Johnny said he never saw
His foot before the game.
The birds were all aground
But Dan wasn’t above a sluice
Beside Johnny was the only one around
And he was on the juice
So Dan he threw up his gun
And then he pointed it down
He aimed and then he fired one
Blast with a thunderous sound
Johnny said it took a while
For him to see what he had done
Then the pain wiped away his smile
Johnny said it wasn’t fun
Carrying Dan on down the hill
But I saw Dan stump out yesterday
Looking for chukar to kill
The first time you hunt chukar
You do it cuz it’s fun
The rest of the time you’re a sucker
Looking to revenge someone
But Dan’s out there limping around
Looking for more of the same
Chukar in the air or on the ground
Are a dangerous sort of game

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  1. oh wow what a find a different read with so many favorites yet………… Robert Service Dan McGrew chukar sluice fun read laughing such a treat
    what wit god we love you popa and nan

  2. Who knew you could one up Dan McGrew!!!

  3. Found our book Collected Poems of Robert Service
    enjoying again thanks to The Shooting of Dan McGrew’s Shoe…………..

    So many reasons we are enjoying these poems writings of Lystra Pitts Author

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