April 16th PAD Challenge Entry

Prompt: A Color


The people who come to the desert always describe it as brown

They leave their lush green surroundings and are shocked by the browness of it all

They speak of brown like it is a bad thing, the color of dead and dying plants

They like red sometimes, when it flares up in the rocks around the brown

You can take them to see the red rocks, some can appreciate that

But deserts are brown for a reason, not because the grass has died

It is brown because it is the raw and powerful color of the earth

They talk of all the hues of green, but brown has just as many forms

I have seen tan sands, rich dark brown alluvial fans, ochre colored cliffs

Brown is alone in all the colors that can join them and coexist

There are reddish browns, bluish browns, yellowish browns

You have never seen a greenish red have you?

I am surrounded by brown in all her majesty

So when I travel to watery places where plants grow and abound

When I say that it’s so green here, it is not in jealousy

I say it because I miss my earthy brown

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