April 17th PAD Entry

 Prompt: All I Want is…..

All I want is that mouse to die

He has been eating the food that I set out for my dog

Stupid dog, will not kill the mouse

Wish I had a cat

Stupid dog lets it eat his food

I think they are friends

I go to the store, they have built better mousetraps

At least that is what the shelves say

So many options but what will work

What can I buy that will get the mouse and not my dog

Not poison, no, the dog will find the poisoned mouse and eat it

It would eat a poison mouse for sure, stupid dog

So a trap then, but I can see him now running around the house

Yelping with a trap on his nose, stupid dog

Glue? Stick little mouse feet to a pad of glue

Could work, should work, but then the dog

His face glued down with the mouse side by side

Little black eye staring into large brown one

Live traps, little cages, but then what?

Release him out into the wild or the neighbor’s yard

Throw it into some water the package reads

I have visions of little bubbles escaping a cute pink nose

Time to buy a cat.


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