Book In a Nutshell Version 3.1

Okay so I decided not to leave my versions as comments.

Here is version 3.0 for those of you who haven’t looked at the comments.

Just UPDATED: V3.1

Jeff Heaven is getting a bit long in the tooth to be a club kid, let alone an Ecstasy dealer, he had thought he had seen it all when a strange and powerful new drug emerges from the pulsating clubs of Las Vegas, instantly replacing Ecstasy as the drug of choice, the substance spreads like a cancer throughout the city, and Jeff discovers his friend is the sole supplier. Niccolo Casciano is a young Las Vegas Metro Officer out clubbing with his girlfriend, unaware that deep within the pastel shadows cast by neon lights a demon patiently watches as her essence is consumed by thousands, she grows in power and influence; soon she will have enough to return to our world. Can either one of them realize what is really happening, and if they do, can they stop her?

Tell me what you think!


BTW you can see version 2.0 in all it’s 160 word glory in the comment section of the first post.


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  1. I like the attempt.. but.. The final question at the end has become less of a hook for me. It just seems less effective than the first go around. hmmm..

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