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I am editing my book and as I edit I find myself wondering about the content of my book. The story has lots of drugs and sex. The sex isn’t such a big deal but I am concerned about the drugs part.

The idea for my story came to me when I realized that people who were addicted to drugs didn’t act like themselves, I thought that they acted like the drug possessed them like a demon, they weren’t in control of themselves, they didn’t act like themselves, they did evil things that they would never dream of doing sober. Then I thought, well what if they really were possessed, what if there was a demon out there controlling them like puppets on a string? Great idea for a story.

I still believe it is a great idea for a story, and I think I wrote a great story about it, no point on being humble now, but I worry about what people will think about me for writing what could be considered a “drug book”.

I am not Hunter S. Thomson, I had to read and research to get my drug story to ring true. I also talked to alot of people who have alot of…um experience. But I have already been asked by people who have read my story how I know so much about drug use. I answered “research” but that just seems like nudge nudge wink wink kind of answer.

I worry about the consequences of the content of my story, what people will assume about me, what my friends and family will think. What complete strangers who have no idea who I am will think. What my children will think when they get old enough to read it.

I comfort myself with the following thought, my story is ultimately about destroying the drug that is threatning to destroy the world, so it’s an anti-drug book. I wish with all my heart that a couple of stalwart heroes could destroy the source of methamphetimine and save us from the horrors that drug has inflicted on the world. So I hope that people get the right idea at the end.

Ultimately I really didn’t have a choice about writing this story, it’s been begging me to write it for years before I sat down and wrote the first chapter. I had to write it, I loved the idea too much to ignore it.



  1. Reading your book, powerful science fiction,
    good read………….

  2. We were raised in the D.A.R.E era. We were raised after the 60’s (HELLO can I say drugs drugs drugs and this was our parents generation). Also, I have vast knowledge of drugs, like you mentioned above, that I have obtained from friends and acquaintances. I have never myself done shrooms but I have been to many parties and have seen many people on shrooms to know exactly what happens when you take them. I can also list a whole bunch of other drugs that I have witnessed others taking on many different occasions. I have ran into Meth users at the library, store, concerts, and too many other places to list and have seen how they act. I have also seen many in depth movies that in detail show drug use and how they make you feel. For example trainspotting and Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. VH1 had the big rockumentary called “The Drug Years”. So if people are jumping to conclusions they just need to sit and think about it. I am sure that they will be suprised at how much they know as well. AND if they didn’t then how would they know that what you wrote was so close to the truth about drugs and not just make believe. And after that huge rant I just have to say for the record. Never reading this book did I think oh man Lystra must have really done a lot of drugs. I thought….. Holy shit Lystra this is a kick ass book. I fucking love it.

  3. ditto, kiddo, its a awesome book, powerful,scary action, sweatie stuff, it is a kick ass book, wow
    don’t worry,

  4. I concur – the writing stands out.

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