Queries SUCK

Okay, In addition to editing and rewriting and polishing my manuscript I am also working on my Query Letter. In preparation for this I have been reading the blogs of several literary agents, queryfail, queryshark and any other information I can get a hold of and my synopsis is this:

Queries Suck.

It seems that while most agents consider queries an essential evil in their world, they still think it is the best method for discovering new talent. I think I am new talent; so it is definitely an essential evil in my world, but I hate it. I loathe it, I have the biggest block in the world to move to get this bastard done. Maybe because so much seems to be riding on a single spaced page, like my whole 500 page book. Maybe because deep down I fear the countless rejection letters that have yet to be written. Whatever the reason, it is killing me.

 The rules for what makes a good query and a bad query vary as broadly as what makes a good novel and a bad novel, the problem with the whole system is that a good query does not guarantee a good novel nor the reverse. It is the most common gateway, unless I can find thousands of dollars somewhere an attend writing conventions all year trying to get a minute to pitch an agent who, if I am charming and polite and everything else I need to be in addition to having a good story, will tell me to send them a query.

I hate my query, I love my story, I am freaking out.

I see why so many authors drink.

Of course I will post it up here to be critiqued before I send it off to anybody so maybe somebody can help me.

Ack, I have wasted all the time I can think of on this post, time to get back to work on the stupid query.





  1. Midnight in Vegas, awesome title, awesome read,
    don’t worry

  2. Midnight in Vegas, gosh I hope a lot of people get to read this book, its great, a stay with you, ponder, ohh and laugh out loud times, best book I’ve read in a long time………….

  3. Hang in there! I like to think people who read queries need the work. Just do the best you can to make it as interesting as your book.

    • Good point

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