And Here Comes the Pitch

So obviously the moment we’ve all been waiting for is fast approaching. I am going to sit down with as many agents as I can and pitch my novel Midnight In Vegas. The poor agents are being forced at gunpoint to listen to the pitches of possibly hundreds of desperate writers such as myself. This is the infamous BEA pitch slam. Writers and agents crowded together into a hot room for an uncomfortable hour of pure selling. The neophyte writers sacrificing themselves en masse on the bourbon stained altars of the seasoned veterans of the publishing world.

At least that is how it goes down in my imagination. I have no idea what it is really going to be like. It looks like it could be an unadulterated orgy of ideas and I am, how you say, a wirgin? (Gotcha) I’ve never pitched my book to anybody. Now I am signed up for the biggest manage-a-minds in the industry.

How do you prepare for that???

  • Go over my story in my head. Over and Over and Over again. –check
  • Write down key points I need to cover in my Pitch. -check
  • Read every blog ever written about pitching, both by agents and authors. –check
  • Brush teeth. – check (never hurts to start early)
  • Work on roguish yet authorial look in bathroom mirror every morning. – check
  • Make super cool personal business cards with all contact info. -check

Things that I might do, or that I am not sure I should do, or really don’t want to do.

  • Write down and memorize a pitch. While that appeals to paranoid little voice in the back of my head, I don’t think I want to do that. I have some notes and highlights jotted down but I don’t want to sound robotic or rehearsed and I am a very extemporaneous type of speaker anyway.
  • Go Naked. If there is one way to be sure they’ll remember me, that’d be it. Obvious drawbacks. (To any agents or publishers who might read this, I am joking, It’s going to be ok, really. Put the phone down, don’t cancel the trip, please, I’ll be good. I really want to talk to you.)
  • Get a haircut- For real this time. I think I need something more roguish, or authorial. I alternate on which I need every morning.
  • Pack a couple of copies of my manuscript. As everyone with a complete manuscript knows, the bastards are heavy, but I don’t want to be caught flat footed if somebody asks for a full? From what I have seen and read I don’t think that they will. Best case; they’ll wait for me to email or mail it to them.
  • Burn full ms on to a couple of thumb drives. Could solve the fantasy problem of having someone wanting to read me right away. But those cost money and I am already spending too much of that.


Anybody else have any suggestion or comments? Am I missing anything?





  1. Pick all the brains you can……be the great speaker I know you are……and have a great time! I love you!

  2. It is such a good story Lystra, all those lucky enough to have read your book want to tell others, about “Midnight in Vegas” all our admiration for your skill and work, all our hopes that someone realizes this is a book peoples will want to read, to share.
    You got me with your first (“A strange and powerful ect ,she grows in power and influence ect.)
    Your in a Nutshellfor Knight Agency, it was haunting wanted to read more…… anyway Lystra, admire all you are doing now to get your book our to the most peoples so all can have a good read……. so proud also of your beautiful helpmate!! you guys are the best!! Your story was the best!! wishing you all the best of luck getting your story out!! yes you have done all the brillant stuff and now working hard to share…… so we do wish you luck as you have done all the rest !!!!!! a Tchuss

  3. Oh when who ever in the powers to publish see you in person and think how great your picture on the back cover will appeal to the mass public, that alone will convince the who ever, and than with your wit and how you meet and handle peoples, again convince to publish, to get all that and a good read, good story, good book. It’s a win win situation. Waiting to hear, when Midnight in Vegas will be in bookstores.

  4. SO excited for anyone going. I don’t wish I could go because I am so shy I know I would vomit instead of speaking. I hope it goes SO WELL! Knock it out of the park.

  5. Sooooo glad you packed clothes!

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