Clarifications on BEA

I am sure most of you have read the excerpt from Jane Friedman’s There Are No Rules and I just wanted to clarify a few points.

  • I am not bitter. I am sweet, just ask anybody.
  • I am NEVER going to give up trying to publish my work. I am really just getting started, other than BEA I haven’t even sent out a query yet as I am still polishing it. I am dedicated to doing it RIGHT. I have posted three query letters on this blog but I have written close to a hundred now, I only post the ones I like J .
  • I am working on my synopsis, again I would rather it be done well. I worked really hard on my novel, I am not going to send out anything that isn’t worthy of representing my work. I am sending stuff to people who judge writers for a living; I have to send out my best.
  • I had a great time at BEA, learned a lot of important stuff, met some great people, saw some friends I made in Cincinnati, and came away feeling like I had accomplished something. I am very glad I went.
  • Writing and publishing are long processes. Even if an agent calls me tonight and he sells my book tomorrow it’ll still be years before it hits the shelf. I am committed to completing those processes no matter how long it takes.

The reason I am posting this is after reading the posts I wrote about BEA and the comments on Jane’s blog. I just wanted to make sure everyone knows where I’m coming from.



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  1. YES

  2. You, too? Me, too! And I have to say, most every writer there was having a blast. The kinda blast you get from a roller coaster, lots of potential vomit and tears, but still some fun. Not so sure you want to do it again, but glad you had the guts. Glad it was good for you.

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