Wear off the new

I am trying to wear off the new on my iPhone.

Some things you have to do for a while to pull it off and look cool doing it and I’m not talking about skill. Obviously you can’t go snowboarding and look like a champ the first day, I am talking about simple things that most people don’t even think about. I think you have to wear of the new feeling before something can become a part of you, and thusly look cool whilst doing it.

Like wearing a fedora. You have to wear the fedora for at least a month before you stop looking like an idiot in a funny hat and somehow morph into a cool cat that sports the fedora. It just takes that kind of time to where off the new and become a part of you.

Cowboy boots- They stay new until they stop hurting your feet, until then you best not go to the rodeo (unless your a cowgirl then it’s okay, we understand).

Samething goes for trench coats but I think that takes a bit longer; at least two good winters of continuous use preferably with the same coat. That is why high school kids can never pull it off, you just don’t have that kind of time in one article of clothing in high school (so if you are in high school and wanting to buy a trenchcoat, take my advice and wait till you stop growing. Buy one in college.) I used to look pretty cool in my trench coat, but I haven’t worn it for years. I have to wonder if I’ll have to start all over if I ever want to wear it again.

Smaller things like smoking a pipe or a cigar take even longer. Don’t believe me come to the Harrah’s poker room with me one night, I’ll show you a hundred examples of people who haven’t worn the new off their cigars, and pipe smoking is even harder that takes decades to pull off.

Tatoos and piercings have a break in time too. Luckily their permanancy basically forces people to tough it out.

Haircuts- Drastic haircuts. People you know and love -look weird for a month after a new haircut- then they don’t-did the haircut change? No- they just wore off the new.

Even checking your PDA phone for incoming emails takes a while wear off the new. I feel like a goober when I pull out my iPhone to check my email and texts. Which is weird because I’ve had a PDA phone for years, the iPhone is just that different.

I can’t wait to wear the new off it.

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