Saga of Bohok Sticky

I am writing a new story and posting it up here on the blog as I finish chapters.

 I am doing this for two reasons: One to hopefully entertain everyone, obviously. The second is I believe that the internet and blogs are causing a resurgence of the serial novel. Serial novels came about when an earth shattering form of communication changed the way that people perceived their world, NEWSPAPERS.

When newspapers first began circulating they had the same effect on the populous of the time as the Internet does today. Suddenly a wealth of information that had never been available to the average man was available on a daily basis. Like the Internet, it took people a while to figure out how to use it, but when they did, lookout.

Newspapers had the same coming of age as the internet and people struggled with the new media in similar ways. There were all kinds of inappropriate uses, there were misleading uses, and there were revolutionary uses. People feared and hated the newspapers, feared the change they wrought and the lies they told, they tried to censor and destroy them. But as we all know newspapers survived and flourished as will the Internet. You cannot take away information once it has been given, not for long anyway.

Sadly newspapers are having a hard time passing the torch to their technological offspring. No matter, for what the father sows the son reaps.

Okay, how is that for a tangent. The point was that when newspapers started off they had this giant page to fill. They needed CONTENT. Sound familiar? One way that they came up with the content was to hire writers to write stories and publish them in a serial form week by week. Some of the greats, including Charles Dickens and HG Wells, got their start doing serial pieces.

So far I like having a deadline to work under I want to get a chapter out a week until it is done.  I would like to ask everyone reading and enjoying the story to tell a friend, post a link on Twitter or Facebook and help me get the word out.  If I get a bunch of hits on this it could help me publish it, later. The best way to link to the story is it’ll take them right to the story page.

Lastly this is a work in progress. I do my own editing; and I am going to have to rush a bit to get a new chapter out every week.  There are going to errors that I miss. Please help me out if you see something that is wrong, or doesn’t make sense let me know so I can fix it.



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