Happy New Year


I cannot believe the decade is over.

 Is it just me or did it end too soon?

 I was excited to see the eighties end, saddened to say goodbye to the nineties, but I am completely indifferent to the end of this decade.

The aughties just didn’t seem to have time to mature into its own identity. If you wanted to dress up as an aughties person ten years from now what would you wear? And it had so much potential, didn’t it? So much hype, so much going for it. I suppose the lack of flying cars or A.I. or a real space station (one that was bigger than a single wide trailer floating in space) just killed it.

Well I hope the tens are better. Just think three years from now we’ll be teens. That should be fun.



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  1. Happy New Year to you and yours Lystra Pitts!
    Always interesting to read some of your words!
    Love nan

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