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I am done with my synopsis and in slightly less time than it took to write the whole novel. It was a daunting task for me, full of mental hurdles to overcome.

I really struggled with this one. I have mercilessly deleted pages upon pages of failed attempts. I killed them slow too, using the backspace to wipe them out letter by disappointing letter, no CTRL+A delete for those bastards. 

I know a lot of my problem was the pressure I put into the synopsis. I thought that if this was the only thing the publisher or agent read, I wanted it to be perfect. That is a lot a pressure, enough pressure to make a guy just go play with the kids instead of sitting down and working. 

The other issue I had was the fact that I actually have two separate story lines going simultaneously through the book. That made it hard for me to write a linear synopsis as I was constantly jumping between the story lines. I have to thank Chuck Sambuchino and his Guide to Literary Agents blog for the solution for that problem. He started posting up sample synopsis he found on Wikipedia for movies. This helped immensely. I looked up movies that were plotted similarly to my book and came up with a good way to write my synopsis. Standing on the shoulders of giants, it’s the only way to see the world. 

So now that I am done with my synopsis I am going to start querying again. This time I’ll be ready with a synopsis in hand when they ask for it. 





  1. Yea! Still stand by the awesome fact, Midnight in Vegas, such a good read, so much so, hope with luck and such it will be published for many to read!

  2. Glad to help!

  3. What a great way to start off the new year! I just know 2010 is THE year!

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