The scene in my head

Jennifer Jackson tossed her third Starbucks into the trash as she got into the elevator. Her hands were barely shaking anymore as she hit the button for her floor. Today is the day she thought grimly, the elevator lurching into motion made her jump a little. She had stopped taking query letters until January 15, 2010 and today was that day. She was sure when she got into her office the InBox would be full of hopeful letters sent by desperate fools. Her job was to sift through the muck and pull out the nuggets of talent and skill then process the raw ore into fine pieces of jewelry for the world to observe and enjoy. The only problem was that the nuggets were rarer than gold.

The elevator dinged and Jennifer jumped, she took a Red Bull from her purse and popped the top, she still wasn’t ready. Guzzling the can she walked into the front office of the Donald Maass Literary agency. Donald was there waiting for her. He was always the first one in the office.

“Well, it’s begun.” He smiled and handed her a coffee.

Jennifer took a deep drink before responding. “How bad is it?”

“Hundreds, maybe thousands, I lost count.”

Jennifer made a face. “Really?”

“Afraid so.” Donald took the now empty coffee cup from Jennifer’s trembling hands and replaced it with a fresh one.

“Anything good?” She asked hopefully.

“Actually, yes, the first one you received. I liked it. You should read it.”

“The first one Donald?”

“Sent at the stroke of midnight, and the funny thing is I’ve met the author.”


“At BEA last year. You know I usually don’t remember specific people from the thousands I meet at conventions each year, but I liked this guy. He came off really smart and funny too. I am happy to see he got his synopsis done. Of course I only talked to him for about five seconds but hey, some people stand out.”

“Well, I’ll have to read that one first.” Jennifer smiled. Perhaps today wasn’t going to be so bad after all.

I sent Jennifer Jackson a query last night at midnight her time. I hope reality matches what is going on in my head. I might be pushing it with Donald Maass remembering me, but who knows.





  1. YES! this is a great read also, loved it, so positive, of course Donald Maass would remember a tall good looking man with a hand shake firm and a smile that kills a heart, wise eyes, firm intelligence shining from them, a mouth that knows love and strength, wit and wisdom! We hope more than ever Jennifer Jackson will not only read your synopsis but is rewarded with reading your book!
    Midnight in Vegas, best read ever!!!!

  2. omg Donald Maass is my hero!! [insert school girl squeal here] If you don’t have every one of his writing books, you’re missing out. Go get some!

    • He is awesome. I’ve read Fire in Fiction and Writing the Breakout novel. I also attended his segment at the Book Expo America last year. He can really get a writer charged up. It was, hands down, the best segment of the conference.
      As far as schoolgirl screams go…well I guess he is unusually attractive for a man in the publishing industry. I am secure enough in my heterosexuality to admit that. So scream all you want he could be the rockstar agent.

  3. P.S. don’t step in front of any bus!

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