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So while I was writing my post on getting a rejection letter I received a request for a full manuscript.

Holy shit.

Now I have to wonder. DO I send my chopped version or the director’s cut? I sent her pages already, and some of those pages were chopped in my editiing frenzy.

My current frame of mind is to send the original version and if she asks me if I can cut it down I can say yes.

What do you think?



I want to know.

Please comment.

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  1. Lystra,

    That’s fantastic! What to send? Umm, whichever version is the very best. I’d say if she like the chopped version to go with it. Why mess with a good thing. You know she liked what she read.

    Good luck…

    Tricia Sanders

    • Hi Lystra! How exciting!!! Go with your gut! We love you, and we’re very proud of you!

      • Thanks!

    • Thanks Tricia. I think I am going with a hybrid. Some scenes I really didn’t want to cut, others I can live without.

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