Book Cover v1.4

Added a crowd and changed the font to blue.

Published in: on February 25, 2010 at 3:35 pm  Comments (4)  


  1. I like this one way better. Nice touch with the crowd of hands.

  2. Im not sure about the crowd. I like what you are trying to do but not sure if it works visually. Id like to see if you could make it bolder or if it looked more like a Rave scene maybe?.. Im not sure but I am having fun watching you play with it!

  3. Thanks.
    I am still playing with the crowd. It could be construed as zombies- which I don’t want. More versions are coming.

    • Zombies or some such is what came to mind for me. It made me think the book is a thriller. You know me, and my lack of imagination though. :o)

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